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NEBULIZATOR SPUMA - distribuitor nebulizator spuma activa

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Solicita Pret NEBULIZATOR SPUMA - distribuitor nebulizator spuma activa

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Descriere produs:

Pentru pulverizarea detergentilor inainte de spalare
Presiunea de pulverizare este furnizata de aer comprimat primit de la o sursa exterioara
Indicator nivel detergent
Produc si pulverizeaza spuma
Posibilitate de reglare a cantitatii si densitatii spumei
Indicator presiune aer (max 10 bar)
Supapa de siguranta
Furtun de 10 m (20 bar)
Maneta si lance de 60 cm
Duza de alama
confectionat din metal vopsit sau inox

Annovi Reverberi, Comet, Cat,  Leuco, Hawk, Kränzle, Speck, Lavor, Fasa, Udor, Idromeccanica, Bertolini, Cristanini, Faip, Kärcher, Interpump, Generalpump

Product Videos

The "Double Life" nebulizer (02:51)
The "Double Life" nebulizer is the 24 - litre - nebulizer for detergent with internal plasticization of the tank, promoted worldwide exclusive by the Club of Riparatori, brand of Idrobase Group. The difference from a common nebulizer with a standard metal tank is in the epoxy plasticization of the nebulizer internal tank surface, which is thus isolated from the chemical product and is not affected by chemical detergents, avoiding in this way oxidation and rust. The epoxy plasticization is necessary to preserve the characteristics of the detergent itself which, with a common nebulizer, would lose its peculiarities in case of oxidation and in the presence of rust. These are the great advantages of the "Double Life" (it lasts twice as much!) , the nebulizer which has a double life compared to the common nebulizers without the plasticization of the internal surface. Double Life is available in two models , spray and foam, and it is in 2,5 mm painted steel and particularly recommended for a professional use in the car wash field, considering the guaranteed longevity of the product. (DL is ideal in the car wash field) But now let's see one by one the features that make the Double Life the most popular and sought after nebulizer on the market today: let's start from the tank which is in accordance with EU directive, then the red indicator which shows the detergent level the precision air pressure regulator (foam version) the cap in POM, detergent resistant. the anti-overflow <b>...</b>
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